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The Hungarian Geographic Museum opened in 1983 in the classical-style Wimpffen manor built in the 1840’s. We are waiting for our visitors with four permanent exhibitions: Hungarian travelers, geographic explorers, scientific explorers of the Carpathian Basin, 3276 expedition days, Dénes Balázs re-reading the museum founder geography and the exhibitions of the Historical Exhibition of the region. In addition to exhibitions, we invite museographers, museums, events and conferences of science history to the geography lovers and those interested in the world.

The Museum Garden Park

The garden park of the Hungarian Geographical Museum was re-landscaped after the renovation of the building in 2001 ...

Photo collection

The photos taken by geographers, researchers and travellers have become a primary source and a treasure trove of scientific research ...

Map Collection

The collection of maps stored in the Geographical Museum is not the result of consistent development, rather, it contains objects ...


The estates explored and collected by Dénes Balázs from the 1970s are important documents tracing the work of eminent scholars ...

Museum Library

A reference library with a collection of 13,000 books is available for researchers and students. The library’s stock is expanded ...

Érd Local History Exhibition

In light of the rich history of the place, the Local Government of Érd decided to display a local history ...

Scientific explorers of the Carpathian Basin

This exhibition gives a taste of the academic achievements of the professionals engaged in the exploration of the Carpathian Basin, ...

Hungarian travellers and explorers

Visitors can familiarise themselves with the role Hungarians played in the exploration of the Earth and the completion of maps ...

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