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Photo collection

The photos taken by geographers, researchers and travellers have become a primary source and a treasure trove of scientific research. Thanks to recent technical upgrades and successful projects, the Museum has been able to establish a separate photo storage facility…

Map Collection

The collection of maps stored in the Geographical Museum is not the result of consistent development, rather, it contains objects that have either been donated to the Museum or are parts of estates. Accordingly, there is no scrapping and we…


The estates explored and collected by Dénes Balázs from the 1970s are important documents tracing the work of eminent scholars and travellers. The collection has been growing ever since. None of the estates, whether complete or incomplete, old or contemporary,…

Museum Library

A reference library with a collection of 13,000 books is available for researchers and students. The library’s stock is expanded to include further estates, purchased and exchanged items. The main profiles include the works of historical and contemporary geographers and…