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Museum Library

A reference library with a collection of 13,000 books is available for researchers and students. The library’s stock is expanded to include further estates, purchased and exchanged items. The main profiles include the works of historical and contemporary geographers and travellers and old geography textbooks. The core stock comprises the books of Professor Jenő Cholnoky. Further considerable stocks that enrich the library are the contributions made by Dénes Balázs, the founder of the Museum, Sándor Kőrösi Csoma and Ármin Vámbéri. The oldest treasure of the Museum is a Danube monograph entitled L’origine del Danubio published in Bologna in 1684. An 18th century rarity is András Vályi’s A Description of Hungary 1-3 (1799). Another book worthy of mention is István Losontzi’s popular textbook entitled “Triple Mirrors” published 71 times between 1773 and 1868. The most valuable books from the 19th century (before 1918) include works by, among others, Jenő Bánó, Dezső Bozóky, Gyula Leidenfrost, Pál Teleki and Oszkár Vojnich. The most valuable 20th century items include the works by László Almásy, Ervin Baktay, Lajos Bíró, Gyula Germanus, Aurél Stein and Emil Torday.