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Photo collection

The photos taken by geographers, researchers and travellers have become a primary source and a treasure trove of scientific research. Thanks to recent technical upgrades and successful projects, the Museum has been able to establish a separate photo storage facility in a small room in the building. Metal cupboards, modern photo storage boxes and, inside them, special bags are used to store the fragile paper documents.

The list below contains a few curiosities from the collection:

• Jenő Cholnoky took photos during his field work and travels for decades. His estate in the Museum has a large number of photos in it.
• Physician László Sáska lived and worked in Africa. The Museum now has 615 of his enlarged photos and the related negatives.
• The estate of scholar Gyula Germanus, explorer of the Arab world has over 3,500 photos in it.
• A total of 400 photos have been saved along with János Tulogdi’s estate.
• In 1928 Gyula Bartha and Zoltán Sulkowsky toured the world by motorcycle. The Museum has 234 of the photos they took during their journey.